One this issue most of applications who use network







One of the dynamic
virtual organization is social network. It can use cloud as a platform because
it is a clear relationship between people and they use of the cloud as a canal
for sharing their data. the social could architectures like the ‘Facebook’ use this
platform. In a social cloud for each specific user, services can be charted,
for instance trading with close friend could be limited in Facebook (Chard, Caton,
Rana and Bubendorfer, 2010). The image of the social cloud in banking is a
credit based service. In his way every member of the cloud should store their credit
balance. To assist in a social cloud banking customer is given an initial
number of credit and then if it was true, customer can use the service, this is
the safety policy which is sensitive to cheating. The time that have been wasting
for loading the first page of Facebook by HTML is too long and the storage
services in it is expensive, but with social cloud services both of them are
lower. Social networks are the best crowbar for boost the internet availability
by storing a huge amount of multimedia resources in cloud computing. The most
famous objects in social networks are video, photo and text, so it helps to
allocate more space to them. Maybe by some vendors in cloud like Amazon, Google
and salesforce that have too much users, the flexibility and scalability of
that will be increase. The security in social networks is as the same as in
other services in cloud. Customers could not be sure that the cloud services
are safe enough or not. Service level services (SLA) is just the legal thing
for this issue. It contains all agreement which service provider should have
for customers. Another problem is the different laws in every country, so the
adhering will be hard in this way.


In additional for
entrance on every cloud base resources customers should use the solid password
type that cloud will be showed to them, a secure password could avoid of
hacker’s attack. Because of this issue most of applications who use network as
a server commonly change their role of password like the length of it will be
increased. if someone use the incorrect password one time, the multifactor
authentication will be sent to the owner data that the login to the data is not
safe. Cloud services have a written security plan of policies which guaranteed
the data, if a service could not provide a policy, it is not safe. Also the
cloud backup must be encrypted, because any hacker can access to the backup if it
is not protected, it could be helpful that cloud organization have a formal change
process control during the regular time.

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As the abilities
of every distributed computing services that work on the internet network area,
cloud computing has many advantages which if this essay want to discuss about
that it will be take more time, but the main issue in this essay is the
security problem. According to Tabassam (2017) the cloud computing could
progress portability, collaboration, and the size of storages thus interesting
an overall data processing model over the internet. But without highly appropriate
security of actions in cloud, it could become an unreliable service. There are
many different security problems in cloud computing which most of them are the
same as other computing services in the world wide web. Data are the first and
important thing that can be attack easily; the data exposed could be financial,
personal, healthcare or maybe political information, so cloud suppliers try to
transmit security controls and has suggested to utilize multi confirmation and
encryption to prevent of format the information. Also network security in SaaS
(software as a service) which is the software on a hosted platform in cloud
service, use of the strong and safety network traffic encryption which would be


Online accessibility: network plays the essential role in our life nowadays,
so without network there is not any cloud computing. Without network there
could be no sharing resources and thus file sharing, social networks, access to
on demand capacity wouldn’t work.

Rapid elasticity: cloud
has the elastic property and it depends on the type of service which customers
can change the allocated resources, for instance, if a customer has 10 servers
but suddenly needs 1, resources are able to scale up or down.

On-demand resources: it means that clients can have access to the quantity
of resources at every time without requiring human coordinate an also it costs
is based on the type, quality and ability of the resources.

As Weinman quoted:
“the ‘cloud’ refers to the amorphous, out of sight, out of mind mess of
computer tasks that happen on someone else’s equipment. The cloud has been
hyped by companies to mean anything that happens on the web” (p64, 2012). Cloud
computing is a model for enabling clients for on demand network access to
shared resources. It offers several benefits like fast deployment, pay-for-use,
lower costs, huge storage, greater resiliency. The expression of cloud starts
from the broadcast communications universe. Some argue that cloud is an
evocative term of the internet but it is prepared a closer shared space instead
of getting from a faraway server, because it is much faster.


There are many
applications that use cloud as a sever for running and saving their data, like
social networks (Facebook, Instagram etc.), bank apps, healthcare services.
Although the advantages of the cloud computing as a style of massively scalable
IT space where customers are using the internet technology all the time, are many,
there is still a main problem related to the security. The data which is being
exchanged in cloud servers will be vulnerable to attacks. So security and
assurance is the fundamental concern for issues in cloud computing. This essay will
discuss the security problems that are sometimes recognizable but are often caused
essentially by errors during the service operations. According to the expert researches
every enterprise network could have this issue but it is just as important to
assurance whether enhanced or weakened. The essay then shows some solutions
like safe secure access to cloud area, and some reasonable review of problems
and the exact solutions, finally more evidence of software as a server in cloud
computing that are comparable with other software which do not use cloud