Most in mobile phones Whiskey belongs to the festive

Most of the products offered in supermarkets are cheap and
inexpensive products. High-end Whiskeys are almost non-existent in the shelves.
The latter, traditionally reserved for the out-of-home could soon be on the
shelves. Alcoholic drinks have often been singled out (alcoholism). We feel a
clear desire to reevaluate alcohol and its consumption by offering quality
products. After half a day of fermentation it can be directly bottled, sold and
drunk in the process. This is a significant point for producers of Whiskey.
Like wine producers who are forced to keep their juice freshly pressed in was,
then bottled and thus accumulate non-salable stocks, these first None Therefore
the margins of the Whiskeys can be considered exceptional and thus 40% to 70%
of the selling price PARTS OF MARKET Whiskey is an Beam Suntory’s
Brown-Forman’s, Jack Daniel Distillery (Lynchburg, Tennessee), and Woodford
Reserve Distillery in the world.


The Walking

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High-end, expensive products, to save value PDM. PRODUCT Packaging
Often sold with cocktail recipe booklets or stirrers (Jack Daniel). Play on the
origin of the product (American name) because consumers love products with a
history COMMUNICATION Offset tone, code and dynamic lines CHD DISTRIBUTION
Whiskey sales accounted for 15% of total night bar alcohol sales in 1997. This
number rose to 40 in 2007. This is an indicator that Whiskey is a fashionable


GMS in mobile phones Whiskey belongs to the festive pole of the
department of spirits it has gained 20% linear the radius of spirits is not
dynamic and does not stick with the efforts of producers who rely on packaging
tape-to-the eye to put their products in value. There is a psychosis around
alcohol and distributors who are the last link before the end consumer do not
dare to clearly affirm their desire to sell more. Another phenomenon explosion
of the reference number of spirits and especially Whiskeys that makes this
radius LEGAL ENVIRONMENT Anti-drunk driving Often referred to as the party
drink, it is consumed by young people (under 35) and even minors. In one or
more alcoholism prevention campaigns, the Whiskey market must know how to adapt
by offering premium Whiskeys, for example.




Alcohol is related to conviviality 87.7% of the French consider the
aperitif as a pleasant moment to share with friends and 77.3% enjoy drinking a
little during parties with friends.



Presentation and Justification
of the Structure of the Interview


With regard to collecting as much
information as possible, we decided to ask questions to people with different
jobs and of different generations. Consequently, we could have a global opinion
about how whisky is seen and because of this we can better estimate our chance
to succeed on the french market. Our interview is articulated around four
parts. Firstly, we would like to know what people think about whiskey overall,
in order to see whether the trend is rather with us or, on the contrary,
against us. Secondly, we go more into the details and we ask people about
selections criteria of the point of sale. For example, we ask them how they
manage their budget.

Thirdly, we talk about the link
between whisky and a sweet spice like cinnamon to see their perception. Finally,
our fourth section who ask about the ideal client.


Sample of the Qualitative Study


We defined our sample in order to
reach the broadest opinion possible on the topic by hoosing different ages, sex
and occupation. We led our interview by asking three students, a jobseeker, two
professors, a teacher, a housewife, a nurse and a former CEO of an SME. With a
big surprise, contrary to the US, the oldest were the ones who seemed the most
excited by our project.


The Federal Liquor Control Board has been mandated to revise the Act
alcohol, which dates to 1932. Since then, not only has the purchasing and consumption
of alcoholic beverages, but also the purchasing power have considerably changed.
Even though the consumption situation has improved in the direction of responsibility
in France, the figures still speak about 250’000 people

alcohol dependent or at risk. Many studies on alcohol and its
consumption have been done to date, whether in the world, in Europe or in
France. These studies deliver us a lot of general data in quantity, but almost
never data sensitive like the money spent on alcohol, the psychological
thresholds purchases, places where alcohol is obtained, intermediaries or the
distribution of places of consumption. In addition, consumption is very
worrying for young people. Again, behaviors such as “binge-drinking”,
represent risks major for adolescents. On behalf of the Federal Council, the
French Alcohol Board has, to deepen these research gaps today, mandated the
re-a quantitative study of these sensitive data to the public French, alcohol
drinker, aged 16-34.


The study is aimed
at alcohol users at least once a week. It is essential to measure the last
consumption but also the consumption in general respondents. An age and sex
quota are respected, but the selection of participants remains random. The age
is between 16 and 34 years old. 2000 interviews assure maximum
representativeness of the French population aged
16-34. The comparison below demonstrates the quality of the information collected
by confronting with the French Health Study (2007), apart from some slight
differences due to the smaller size of the LINK survey subsample.