MEASURMENT this scale the ice start melting at 0






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The measurement of atmospheric
temperature is measure at different level from the earth. Our earth has no
light and heat of its own.  Its receives
heat from the sun.

The surface of temperature of the sun
is estimate to 6000c. The sun continuously radiates its energy known as (SOLAR
RADIATION). The earth receives only a fraction of the total solar radiation
(only 1 an 2000 000 0000 billions part of the sun energy) the amount of solar
radiation coming down to the earth as known as (insolation).

On the base of heat received by the
earth. We may divide the earth into the following HEAT ZONE



The air temperature is measure with
the thermometer it consist of common glass rod in very thin tube in it. The
bulb of thermometer contain a liquid.

This liquid is either mercury or
colored alcohol because they are sensitive to the heat difference, the liquids
expand and rises up in the thermometer cavity this  gives us the measurement on the thermometer

The scale could be in Fahrenheit or
in Celsius.


In this scale the ice start melting
at 0 and at 100 the start to boil.


In this scale the melting point of
ice is 32 and the boiling point of water is 212.


Kelvin scale is generally use for
absolute zero amd it is not use in biological studies.



First of all I place the thermometer
5 feet above the ground.

I place the thermometer in the shade,
the reason for that is if I placed the thermometer in direct sunlight due to
the radiation from sun the temperature would be greater than normal.

I place the thermometer in well
ventilated area and this keep the air circulating and helps in maintain a
balance with the surrounding area.

I place the thermometer on grass
because if we place the thermometer on concrete the temperature will be higher
because of it reflection of heat.

I kept the thermometer in covered.



                               Measuring the
air temperature is done in the shade because the sun radiations hit the
thermometer the temperature will be higher than the actual air temperature.
Enough time should be given to the thermometer to adjust it to outside air this
can take upto several minutes.