Lily old, about the same as Earth, maybe a

Lily Mahoney
Mrs. Hayducky
A Science 

The Formation of Saturn and Earth

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Scientists have collected lots of data containing pieces of the many puzzles of space, and with each fascinating discovery comes a new understanding of the universe around us. One of those great mysteries is how planets form; something I’ve always been very curious about! After all, how did all these huge, impressive structures come to be? How did our home, planet Earth, become the spectacle it is today? How did Saturn get its rings? How does the formation of a solid planet, like Earth, differ from that of a gas planet, like Saturn? 

Before we dive into all the complicated stuff, we first need to know basic things about the planets we’re looking at here: Saturn and Earth.
According to Nola Taylor Redd, a contributor to; through researching the crust of the Earth, scientists have determined that Earth is about 4.54 billion years old, though that number could be a maximum of 50 million years off (give-or-take). As for size, Earth’s circumference is 24,901 miles, and its diameter is 7,926 miles. And, obviously, life is thriving on the planet. So far scientists have found absolutely 0 life on Saturn; and considering its conditions and the fact it’s a gas planet, it’s unlikely any really is there, but you never know! According to, Saturn is about 4.6 billion years old, about the same as Earth, maybe a bit more. Unlike age, Saturn’s size is definitely NOT similar to Earth’s! according to, Saturn has a 1diameter of about 72,000 miles, about 9 to 10 times the size of Earth’s diameter! and here’s a cool fact: according to, about 764 Earths could fit inside Saturn! 

The way a planet formed could depend on the type of planet, and what it’s composed of. First of all, the Earth is a solid planet, and Saturn is a gas planet. Earth’s inner core is made out of iron, the outer core is made out of liquid iron and nickel. The mantel is made of iron, magnesium, aluminum, oxygen, as well as other minerals. The Earth’s crust is made up of different types of rocks ( igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic). Some other things in it are iron, aluminum, and sodium. Saturn on the other hand, is made of gases. according to, Saturn is made of 94% hydrogen, 6% helium, and a bit of methane and ammonia.