Hello $134 billion at the end of 2017Russia is

Hello                                RUSSIA NUCLEAR POWER What is nuclear power?It’s the energy in the center (or nucleus) of an atom. Atoms make up everything in the universe and are held together with great force. In a process called fission, atoms are broken apart, and the energy released can be used to generate electricity at power plants, including the one in Japan that was damaged. Atoms of uranium, a common element that can be mined from the Earth, are used in nuclear reactions. In fission, a tiny particle called a neutron hits a uranium atom; the atom splits, releasing more neutrons and generating a chain reaction. That reaction releases huge amounts of energy. That energy can boil water , cook food etc Russia is moving steadily forward with plans for a huge  expanded role of nuclear energy, including development of new reactor technology.It is committed to closing the fuel cycle, and sees super fast reactors as a key to this.Exports of nuclear goods and services are a major Russian policy and economic objective. Over 20 nuclear power reactors are confirmed or planned for export construction. Foreign orders totalled $134 billion at the end of 2017Russia is a world leader in fast neutron reactor technology and is consolidating this through its Breakthrough project (this is a major breakthrough in nuclear power) These are some energy for a start :1.Natural gas2.Oil3.Coal4.Hydropower5.Non-conventional oil6.Uranium7.Nuclear energysource:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_in_Russia Source:wikipedia”In 2014 total electricity generated in nuclear power plants in Russia was 177.3 TWh,17.78 percent of all power generation. The installed capacity of Russian nuclear reactors stood at 25,242 Mega watts . Russia has made plans to increase the number of reactors in operation from 31 to 54.”But all this power comes a price…………………..The event occurred during a late-night safety test which simulated a station blackout power-failure and in which safety systems were deliberately turned off. A combination of inherent reactor design flaws and the reactor operators arranging the core in a manner contrary to the checklist for the test, eventually resulted in uncontrolled reaction conditions. Water flashed into steam generating a destructive steam explosion and a subsequent open-air graphite fire. This fire produced considerable Russia updrafts for about nine days. These lofted plumes of fission products into the atmosphere. The estimated radioactive inventory that was released during this very hot fire phase approximately equalled in magnitude the airborne fission products released in the initial destructive explosion. Practically all of this radioactive material would then go on to precipitate onto much of the surface the western USSR and Europe.Russia has also been using thermal power and geothermal energy These two energy has been a main powers in russia. Russia is the largest consumer of electricity in the whole world It has 440 power stations and has a combined installed generation capacity of 220  gigawatts The national electric grid rules over 3,200,000 Km Of land . So  Russia is the most power using  country in the world.