Gene careful kid who finds comfort in obeying the

Gene and Finny’s friendship was an intellectual journey for Gene, about himself and about how he handles his friendship with others. Gene is a smart, careful kid who finds comfort in obeying the rules. The first landmark in his intellectual journey was his first jump from the tree. This jump was a leap into a new freedom, one he never dared to reach before. By fulfilling the forbidden practice gene exposes himself to a crisis, both with himself and the subject he takes his anger out on, Finny. He has now gone from doing what was needed to appeal to adults to now doing whatever it takes to appeal to Finny, a whimsical character that Gene befriends, this causes a clash between his loyalty to innocence and his longing for the experience. The isolation of Gene’s thoughts does not go in his favor. While juggling his immaculate reputation and this newly sparked relationship with Finny, Gene lets his envy and skepticism get the best of him. Gene suspects that Finny has become his personal antagonist, purposefully drawing Gene away from his studies, giving him a bad name. However, Gene realizes that this is not true, and so an epiphany comes to him. Not a positive epiphany though, Gene has self-realization that Finny is simply the that way he is, which makes Gene rage for the fact he cannot handle that Finny is better than him at something, so he express his rage by making Finny fall from their forbidden jump from the tree. Gene has now developed past his fear and is able to jump freely but his self-conflict only emerges from here. Gene’s reluctance to admit that he was the reason Finny fell leads to a self destructive guilt that he insists on hiding. Having not done such a thing before, he gets a rush of sensible mortality were for the first time he had to recognize on his own and not taught. His head goes at war between morals and acceptance. By refusing to reveal the truth Gene grows from apart from his comfortability form his innocent self. With Gene’s resilience Finny experiences his second fall, a fatal one, yet Gene continues to withhold responsibility tearing him more and more apart from his past self. While conversing one last time with Finny Gene apologizes to Finny and Finny’s forgiveness finally bring peace to the war of morality within Gene’s mind. He come to terms with himself and accepts the presence of his journey that came to him through Finny’s friendship. Although Gene’s growth was through unfortunate events it was still necessary. Acquiring responsibility, self-awareness, and understanding is not always present in pleasant ways, but in the long term it helps one become more whole as a person.