Electro this technology and we want to take the

Electro Vision glass is the futuristic gadgets  thats allows us to interact with different  smart device . The project will allow us to get notification from different devices through bluetooth wirelessly. Integrating computer with glass is not new technology in the tech world but its still struggling to adapt in real life usage .this is why our team has choose accept this challenge to redesign and rebuild the spectacles Electro vision glass is defined as the program to develop optical head mounted device having wearable computer . We can see that wearable future is around the corner  and its immediate than we think  we can see there is a lot of potential in this technology and we want to take the full advantage by building a smart gadget that can integrate with our normal spectacles. Form 2014 wearable technology has been a great trend although it has negative and positive impact on consumers life. But now its not time for the tech to stop Giant tech like Apple unveiled its new device Apple watch 3 in 2017 the Device is “the most personal device we have ever made” according to  Apple’s CEO ,Tim Cook. According to the report of pwc “Consumers Intelligence Series and The wearable Future” one of five American adults already owns some type of wearable device. Today more than 40% Americans own a tablet. So the question rise will wearable technology will replace the smart phone? The report of pwc showed 76% consumers said ‘NO’.Creating wearable gadget such as electro vision glass is complex process. It needs to be precise and smooth function . It needs to be comfortable while wearing also needs to have elegant design. Although most of wearable designed gadget get their success in engineering design but when come to make it stylish. So we tried to keep our focus on make it more comfortable the Biggest challenge facing in wearable device such as our Electro vision glass is to put advance application . Sometimes smart phone or other smart devices are difficult to use. e.g riding cycle and wating time and knowing about weather while running . Electro Vision glass can solve this kind of problem. Wearable device do not provide more function then smartphone do  and basically it provide less functions . Creating a place for wearale device among consumer needs lots of time and dedication . So our team want to step up and take this challenge to create this device it depends on engineer like us who are willing to take challenge and develop new technology .Currently most devloper are preoccupied by smartphones. So new gadget like this requires devloper like us to step a side and reshape the technology . The eye can only see the clear image which is +- 25cm . But our screen need to be very close of our eyes. It can be overcome using the lens. The idea is the same as currently developed virtual reality where we can see the mobile screen is very close to our head but due to optical image of the lens which create a virtual distence between the eye and screen itself help us to see the image clearer. We want  to take this concept and work differently. Instead of using the screen it self we want to use the light come out from the screen itself and project it in the glass . The reflection will create a virtual image in front of our eyes on transparent glass.We know wearable technology its not new in the market. But creating a cheap stylish gadget like our projects is a big challege. The reason we choose this project because we think this is the future of smart gadget ; smartphone will eventually will distribute within gadget  like smart watch or smart glass etc. many organization also start their marketing with function like driving license,credit card house key and setting computer in one small gadget worn in wrist or neck.Disney invested around $1 billion to build system which people use to pay bills for food, ride etc. also help etc. this kind of technology is much convenient other organization also taking steps in similar direction. Now people can unlock their car with watches .Wearable device like fitness bands smart watches and other wearable  gadgets are already established in the market , many of them have underdeveloped on expectations . But it is confirm that the devlopment is not going away any time soon. Our team also want to join the trend by building a spactacles that can integrate with micro controller and use as smart notifier.Spactacles are used for protection of eye or to make people look clear also a form of style within generation . But beside doing these there arent any other application this analoge gadget have. So we wanted to digitalize this accessory ,by putting micro chips in it which can provide more safety and comfortness to many users. We also want to take a high challenge of putting a powerful computer system in a small place and make it more functional then other available gadget in the market but not exceeding the price limit. This technology will bring sophistication and ease of communication and information . It can also help disabled individuals and people who work with both hands.