Animal in this book but the major ones are

Animal Farm Chapter 1 The novel takes place on an animal farm in England. On the farm lives Mr. and Mrs. Jones who takes care of their farm animals. There are many animals in this book but the major ones are Old Major, who is the ‘leader’ of this group of animals and was influential to all the animals, there are three dogs named Bluebell, Jessie and Pincher, two cort horses named Boxer and Clover, a white goat named Muriel, a donkey named Benjamin, a white mare named Mollie, and a raven named Moses. Being the ‘leader’, Old Major requests a meeting with the other animals. He argues that man is their enemy because “man is the only creature that consumes without producing” (Orwell 4)  and says that man does not do anything in return. During the meeting, Old Major also speaks of a rebellion, inciting the need to  remove man because all these terrible things Mr. Jones will inflict upon them when they get weak and old. All of the animals loudly agree in unison, when everyone settled down Old Major starts talking about his dream. This dream of his reminded him of something from a long time ago, what he had remembered was a song called “Beasts of England”. As Old Major was singing, the other animals eventually join in his singing until Mr. Jones shoots his gun, scaring everyone to quickly return back to their pens. Jennah McCartM. CurrieENG3C1c19 December 2017Animal Farm Chapter 2In the second chapter, Orwell introduces three new characters: two boars, named Snowball and Napoleon, and a small, fat pig, named Squealer. Three nights after the meeting was held, Old Major passes away and was buried. The other animals continue to have meetings that focused on the rebellion. Moses, the raven, discusses the idea of life after death  what it looks like, calling it ‘Sugarcandy Mountain’ but nobody believed his ideas. Mr. Jones goes into debt and sunk  into depression, resulting in a drinking problem. Consequently, he forgets to take care of the animals and they start becoming upset because of this. Eventually, the animals had enough of this and came up with their own solution; the cows break into the store-shed that stored all the food and all the animals began eating everything they could. When Mr. Jones wakes up, him and four men went into the shed to scare off the animals but it did not work because the animals began to fight back. Eventually, this scared off Mr. Jones and his men. While Mr. Jones and his men were running off, Mrs Jones notices the commotion and looks out the window. Sensing that something is wrong, she started packing valuable things and ran out the back door only to be attacked by Moses. The Rebellion was a success. Once he was long gone, the animals were so happy that they were now free. They got rid of everything that reminded them of the farmers such as  throwing the knives and equipment down the well ,burning other things like the ribbons that usually decorated the horses, and Boxer flinging Mr. Jone’s  hat into the fire. When they finished scouting the whole area, they decided to change the farm’s name from ‘Manor Farm’ to ‘Animal Farm’. The animals learned how to read and write before the rebellion had started from the books they had thrown into the fire. For the past three months the pigs worked on seven commandments to reducing animalism. Jennah McCartM. CurrieENG3C1c19 December 2017Animal Farm Chapter 3 With Mr Jones gone, there was no one to do the chores so the animals had to learn to share all the responsibilities. The horses already knew how to mow the field better than Jones himself. The pigs had to supervised and help the others that had difficulties because most of the animals were inexperienced and faced many problems. Boxer was the most inspiring to the animals than any other because he was the most hard-working and determined of them all. On the other hand, the cat was the opposite, he would disappointed when it was time to work and reappear for meals. The pigs made the harness-room into their headquarters. In the headquarters, they studied blacksmithing, carpentering and other necessary art’s by reading books. By autumn, almost every animal on the farm could read and write.  Jennah McCartM. CurrieENG3C1c19 December 2017Animal Farm Chapter 4 The word about the rebellion got out and was all over the news. The pigs would send pigeons to other farms to tell the story about everything that had happened during the rebellion. Mr Jones meet two other farmers, Mr Pilkington, who was an easy-going guy who spent most of his time fishing or hunting(Place), and Mr Frederick, who was tough, involved with lawsuits, and has a farm named Pinchfield. Finally Mr Jones had enough and gathered other farmers and marched to the animal farm with sticks in hand, Jones was in front with a gun. The animals had been expecting them for a long time now and already had a counter attack, in the first line that was sent to them before they reached the gate was pigeons and geese. Then they were met with the second line which was considered of the goats, the sheep, Benjamin, and Snowball. When snowball got caught she made the single to retreat like they planned. When Mr Jones and his men were far inside, past the gates three horses, cows and pigs cut them off and attacked. Mr Jones pulled the trigger on the gun and just skimmed Snowball and hit a sheep. Snowball kept running as fast as she could and bodychecked Mr Jones right into a pile of dung. Jennah McCartM. CurrieENG3C1c19 December 2017Animal Farm Chapter 5 One day Mollie started to act funny because she would be late to work, runaway to the drinking pool and complained about mysterious pains. Clover found out that she was letting humans pet her, when Mollie found out that Clover knew Mollie disappeared three days later. Later on Mollie was found on  the other side of willingdon with a fat red-faced man stroking her nose and feeding her sugar, Mollies name was never mentioned again. There were lots of debates from Snowball and Napoleon about whether to build a windmill or not. If they did build this windmill it would keep them warm, and run a circular saw, a chaff-cutter and an electric milking machine. Napoleon doesn’t want a windmill but Snowball is already making floor plans on how to build it. Benjamin would not take sides, he said “windmill or no windmill, life would go on as it had always gone on” (Orwell 34). One day when Snowball was discussing about the windmill nine dogs had come into the barn and started chasing him around the field until snowball dived into the bushes and left. When Snowball left Napoleon became in charge.Jennah McCartM. CurrieENG3C1c19 December 2017Animal Farm Chapter 6 They commenced with the windmill project because Napoleon said that Snowball had taken his idea. They had faced many problems with building this windmill and having a hard time with the harvest bot being as successful than the previous year because they didn’t get to plough early enough. If an animal was in trouble they would find Boxer helping them no matter what. The animals each worked sixty-hours a week but Boxer would work more than that. “Clover warned him to be careful and not ot overstrain himself but Boxer wouldn’t listen to her” (Orwell 41). Four little pigs tried to speak up but was immediately silenced by the dogs tremendous growling. Napoleon told them that if they want to finish the windmill they will have to trade with others. They have never dealt with trade or money before but Napoleon said he would do it himself so they wouldn’t have to come in contact with man. Mr Whymper is the one they will be doing the trade with, he comes every Monday morning to bring them supplies they need to finish the  windmill. The pigs didn’t only eat in the kitchen but also started to sleep on in the bads. Boxer left it alone and repeated his usual saying that “Napoleon is always right”. Clover didn’t like it so she got Muriel to read the fourth commandment and he read it outloud “no animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets” (Orwell 45) but Squealer defended it saying that he took off the sheets so they wouldn’t worry about them breaking the rules and all the animals agreed. After a terrible storm they woke up to find everything damaged and broken, like the animal farm sign was blown off and even the windmill was in ruins. Suddenly Napoleon said that Snowball was the culprit of this and blamed it on him for revenge for kicking him out of animal farm. So Napoleon but a price on Snowballs head, they would get animal hero, second class and half a bushel of apples but if they brought him back alive they would get a full bushel of apples.Jennah McCartM. CurrieENG3C1c19 December 2017Animal Farm Chapter 7 The winter following was heavy and the frost didn’t start melting until well into February. The animals did the best they could in rebuilding the windmill. They kept on building the windmill but they made the walls thicker this time but “it was cruel work and the animals could not feel so hopeful about it as that had felt before” (Orwell 49), most of the time they felt cold and hungry. The only ones that  never lost hope was Boxer and Clover. No one really got any hopes from  Squealers speeches but more inspiration from Boxers will and strength. During the month of January the food stalk had been cut short, at times there were days they would go without food. “The animals were dying because of famine and disease, and that they were continually fighting among themselves and had resorted to cannibalism and infanticide” ( Orwell 50). Closer to the end of January Napoleon hardly showed himself but when he did he would be garded with six fierce-looking dogs that would growl at anyone who got to close. One morning Squealer announced that the hens that just laid their eggs had to give up there eggs. Napoleon had created a contract with Whymper for four hundred eggs a week. Not all animals were happy with this “when the hens hear this they raised a terrible outcry” (Orwell 51). For the first time the hens had tried their best to stop Napoleon so they made an effert to stop Nepoleon. The hens wanted to protect their eggs but Napoleon acted forcefully and told the others not to give a single piece of grain of corn. If they difie this rule they will be punished by death, on account of this the dogs carried out his orders, for five days the hens had no food and nine hens had dies in the process. There was a rumar going around about snowball that said that he was hiding out in either Foxwoods or Pinchfields farms. They have found out that Snowball has been working for Jones all this time due to documents they found that he left behind. Napoleon awarded himself Animal hero, first and second class. The four little pigs from before was caught and admitted everything they had done and how they were working with Snowball, ” when they had finished their confessions56 the dogs promptly tore their throats out” (Orwell 56). The hens than came up and told him that Snowball came to them in a dream and he told them to disobey Napoleon’s orders, those hens were also slaughtered. More and more animals had confessed of they had done but what they say Snowball had told me too they were all killed right there but it kept going until there was a pile of corpses laying on the ground. Jennah McCartM. CurrieENG3C1c19 December 2017Animal Farm Chapter 8 For the years that had gone by the animals had to work even harder than they ever had before. Napoleon was never seen in public except for  once in a fortnight, as for the orders he would tell Squealer or one of the other pigs  that would deliver the order to the other animals. They later gave new names to Napoleon who’s name was now “in formal style as our leader, Comrade Napoleon” (Orwell 62) the pigs like to make up different names for him like Father of all Animals and Terror of mankind. It came so natural to give Napoleon credit for the successful achievements that would accrue. Three hens that came forward can confessed that they were planning to murder Napoleon under the influence of Snowball, those three hens was executed immediately. During the autumn the windmill was completed but they still had to install the machinery. There were rumours going around about Fredrik doing cruel things to his animals like throwing one of his dogs into a the furnace and starving his cows along with other rumors. Napoleon had called all the animals together for an immediate meeting announcing the death sentence for Frederick. “The next morning the attack had come” (Orwell 68).  When the animals got the news from the looks outs it was too late because they were already past the five gates. There were about fifteen men with half a dozen guns and had scared most of the animals away with a number of them wounded. Napoleon had got what he diserved, “the four pigeons who had been sent out on the day before returned, one of them bearing a scrap of paper from Pilkington. On it was pencilled the words: serves you right” (Orwell 68). The men had gathered around the windmill one with a crowbar and another one with a sledge hammer, they had taken down the windmill. When the animals saw this they were ferious so they charged in and a cow, three sheep and two geese were killed along with almost everyone had been injured. The men didnt have it going well for them either, about five men were killed and Frederick told his men to retreat when the nine dogs had come out. Gifts were given to the animals for their victory like everyone got an apple and the birds had been given two ounces of corn. Jennah McCartM. CurrieENG3C1c19 December 2017Animal Farm Chapter 9 The day after the celebration they started to rebuild the windmill and Boxer was trying extra hard but he would not show the amount of pain he was in. He would go to Clover and tell her that his hoof was bothering him so Clover would treat it with poultices of herbs she had made. Both Clover and Benjamin urged Boxer to work less hard but he would just ignore them. There had been another shortage of food, everyone’s food had been cut down except for  the pigs and dogs of course. During the autumn four sows had littered producing thirty-one young pigs. Animal farm was pronounced a Republic in April and needed to appoint someone ro be the president. Napoleon was the only candidate so he was elected unanimously. Moses had come back from disappearing for seven years. Once Boxers hoof healed him and all the other animals worked harder, it almost seemed like they were slaves at work. “Apart from the regular work of the farm, and the rebuilding of the windmill, there was the schoolhouse for the young pigs” (Orwell 79). Boxer started to get old and weak what once he would do he cam no longer do now. He had started work early in the morning but when the pigeons had gone to tell the others that he had fallen they all rushed out. When they came out, they saw Boxer laying down with his neck stretched out and his eyes were glazed. There was a stream of blood that had tickled down from his mouth and said it was his lung. Napoleon had made arrangements for Boxer to go to the hospital to be treated, but instead of taking him to the veternarian hospital Benjamin read “Alfred Simmonds, Horse Slaughterer and glue Boiler, Willingdon. Dealer in Hinds and Bone-meal. Kennels Supplied.” (Orwell 82). They were taking Boxer to a slaughter house, after he was carried away they never saw Boxer again.  Jennah McCartM. CurrieENG3C1c19 December 2017Animal Farm Chapter 10 A long time had gone by, “a time came when there was no one who remembered the old days before the Rebellion, except Clover, Benjamin, Moses the raven and a number of the pigs.” (Orwell 85). Most of the animals were dead along with Jones who had died in an inebriates home. They had three new horses, they were upstanding beasts, willing to work and great comrades to have but so stupid that they couldn’t learn the alphabet beyond the letter B. Soon after they were able to finally complete the windmill they worked so hard on. The farm had a threshing machine and a hey elevator but the windmill was not used for generating electricity like they had planned it was used for milling corn. The animals worked while the pigs and dog didn’t do anything that had them do labour, but there were many of them and had big appeities. While the others were usually hungry, slept on starw and drank from the pool. Things from them didn’t really change compared to what it used to be. “No creature called any other creature ‘master. All animals were equal” (Orwell 88). One evening the animals hear Clovers terrified neigh and all when to see what had happened, when they got to Clover they all saw Squealer walking on his hind legs. “A moment later, out from the door of the farmhouse came a long file of pigs, all walking on their hind legs” (Orwell 89). The pigs had taken over the farm the next day they carried whips and supervised the animals working.