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A hero can be defined in several different ways. They are dependable, courageous, trustworthy, and caring. They are risk-takers who are willing to give up their lives to save and protect others. They are also people who always try to put others before themselves no matter what situation they are in. All these traits represent and define a hero, but a hero should not just be defined as someone with superpowers or someone immortal. A hero does not need to have super strength, super speed, or the ability to fly because having superpowers alone do not make someone a hero. True heroes such as the ones in The Iliad, Ms.Marvel, and Spirited Away all have real superpowers like having courage, being a risk-taker, and caring for others in need. Firstly, all true heroes are not afraid to help and save others. They are brave, and they do not let anything get in the way of what they want to achieve. Even if they are in the worst situation possible, they believe in themselves and still do not fear anything. For example, in the beginning of Spirited Away, Sin is a girl who gets frightened very easily by the simplest things, but later in the movie, Sin says, “I think I can handle it.” Just this small, simple thing she says shows that she is starting to have a more mature nature in her, and that she is gaining confidence and slowly starting to become fearless which is one of the main elements of being a true hero. Being fearless and brave helps her get out of the new world she has entered and helps her save Haku, which is what she wants to achieve. Her character starts to develop more, and she also gains courage helping her become a true hero (Spirited Away). Another example of bravery is shown in the comic, Ms.Marvel, when Kamala says, “Maybe what I said to those cops was not a joke. Maybe the name belongs to whoever has the courage to fight.” Kamala is brave enough to protect and save Vick from getting hurt, and she realizes that she has the power to help. Even though she is using her superpowers, she is able to fight mainly because of the courage she has in her (Ms.Marvel). A third example of bravery is shown in The Iliad when Patroclus kills several Trojans continuously with no fear. Patroclus is not someone who usually fights making him very brave when he defeats several Trojans in the war. In The Iliad, it says, “Patroclus whipped the terror in all their hearts when he killed the chief who topped them all in battle (Iliad.16.342-343).” He is not afraid that the Trojans will kill him, which leads him to feel fierce and helps him continue fighting the Trojans. Sin, Kamala, and Patroclus are all fearless throughout their stories leading them to save and rescue people, which make them true heroes.Secondly, all true heroes are risk-takers. True heroes will do anything including risking their lives, and they will not think about what will happen to themselves when they are helping someone out. No matter how dangerous it can be, they would still want to save someone in need. For example, in The Iliad, Patroclus is not only fearless but he also risks his life for the Achaeans because Achilles is too angry at Agamemnon to fight. The Iliad states, “So he pleaded, lost in his own innocence… condemned to beg for his own death and brutal doom (Iliad.16.53-55).” Even though he knows that he might end up dying in battle, he still wants to put his life on the line for the sake of Agamemnon and the Achaeans. Patroclus may not have the power to be very strong like Achilles, but him being a risk-taker and volunteering to fight as Achilles makes him a true hero. Sin from Spirited Away is also a risk-taker because she goes through a lot to not only get her parents back, but to also save Haku from Yubaba. She says, ” Haku helped before, now I want to help him.” She goes through a long risky journey to Swamp Bottom just to get Haku out of Yubaba’s control (Spirited Away). Another example of a risk-taker is Kamala from Ms.Marvel because even though she runs out of energy and is defeated by Doyle the first time she tries to save Vick, she wants to try and save Vick a second time, knowing that she’s putting herself in great danger. Kamala says, “Whether you help me or not, my neck is risked. I saw what was in that house. This is not just a bunch of skate punks we’re talking about.” She realizes that it will not be easy and simple, but she still attempts to save Vick another time, and this leads her to be a risk-taker (Ms.Marvel). Patroclus, Sin, and Kamala risk their lives to fight for and to save others from evil making all three of true heroes. Thirdly, all true heroes are caring for others in need. They want to help in whatever way they can to make the world a better place and get rid of its evils. If a true hero sees someone struggling for help, they will immediately try to do anything to save them because they care for them. They think about the people around them, and they do not always think about themselves and are not self-centered or selfish. For example, in Ms.Marvel, Kamala and Zoe do not have the best relationship but when Kamala sees Zoe in danger, she still rescues her. Kamala says, ¨ What made me happy was seeing Zoe take a breath of air. Even though she makes everybody feel like crap… I am glad I was there. I am glad she lived.¨ Kamala still cares for Zoe and does not want her to be in a horrible situation. She could have just let Zoe drown in the water, but her ability to care for others lead her to be a true hero and save Zoe (Ms.Marvel). Another example comes from The Iliad. Achilles cares a lot out about Patroclus and is very angry when he gets killed. In The Iliad, it says, ¨Standing around him; loving comrades mourned, and the swift runner Achilles joined them, grieving, weeping warm tears when he saw his steadfast comrade lyding dead on the bier… (Iliad.18.270-273)¨ Since Achilles cares about Patroclus, he decides to fight the Trojans as revenge making him a true hero. Achilles says, ¨Here in front of your flaming pyre I will cut the throats of a dozen sons of Troy in all their shining glory, venting my rage on them for your destruction (Iliad.18.392-394).¨ Even though he was very stubborn about fighting for the Achaeans at first, Achilles later fights because of how much he cares for Patroclus. A third example comes from Spirited Away. Sin cares a lot about Haku, and she says, “Haku, don’t give up! Oh, no, he’s going to die! There’s something inside him that’s killing me.” You can feel the emotion in her voice while she says this, and you can tell that she is worried about Haku, feels sorry for him, and wants to help him in any way possible. Since she cares so much and is compassionate, this leads her to go through a journey to Zeniba in which she ends up saving Haku (Spirited Away). Kamala, Achilles, and Sin are all true heroes because they have the ability to care for others in need.To conclude, having superpowers like flying or superspeed does not make someone a true hero. What does make a person a true hero is having real superpowers like bravery, risk-taking, and caring for others. Without these real superpowers, a person can not be a true hero and will not be able to fight for what they want. Reading about the heroes in The Iliad, Ms.Marvel, and Spirited Away can help us learn from their stories and talking about and using their characteristics in our daily lives can turn us into heroes in the modern world today.