Leaders refused to
seek solutions diplomatically logical, in favor of militaristic solutions. The
Schlieffen Plan demonstrates the privileging of technical military consideration
over what was politically possible. The German mobilization process was
extremely complex; once set in motion no room was allowed for diplomacy to stop
them. Prominently, English historian AJP Taylor claimed that the First World War
began as a war by timetable (Taylor, 109). The
Schleiffen Plan was exactly based the possibility of war on two fronts: France
on the one side, Russia on the other (Taylor, 20), along with the assumption
that France was weak and would be defeated faster that Russia, and that the
Russian army was much stronger however would take longer to mobilize, thus
could be safely ignored for longer. Schleiffen hoped to defeat France through
its northern flank by invading Belgium. Mobilization does not necessarily mean
war, but in the case of the Schleiffen Plan, it did because invasion was an
integral part of this plan