Vestergaard Frandsen is a for-profit global company that designs groundbreaking tools that improve the health of individuals at the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid. They create products that contribute to a healthier planet while operating under a humanitarian entrepreneurship business model. The global health company is headquartered in Switzerland, however, there are offices worldwide were profoundly talented staff members work with stakeholders to guarantee local support and a global reach. Vestergaard is not only trusted but also valued amongst governments, non-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations, aid agencies, and the private sector. One of the company’s leading tools includes the LifeStraw water filter. The LifeStraw has been helpful in emergency disaster reliefs and extremely beneficial to developing countries with people who do not have access to clean and safe drinking water.Due to the water crisis that is being faced in Indonesia, now is a good time for Vestergaard Frandsen to enter Indonesia with LifeStraw. In the country’s capital, Jakarta, millions of civilians rely on river water and wells as their primary source of drinking water. Moreover, attributable to the lack of tap water, 30% of the people in Jakarta drink contaminated groundwater from wells because septic tanks are not regularly cleaned. For over twenty years, the water supply for Jakarta has not been increased, which leaves a majority of the population depending on unclean water sources for their daily needs. To this day, it is still considered unsafe to drink the tap water in Jakarta and the government puts the blame on the people for polluting waterways. Despite the promises made by the government that all Indonesians with clean drinking water by 2019, many believe it will not happen. Every person should have the right to have access to clean drinking water, which is why LifeStraw is an vital product to the people of Indonesia.