1) can be shaped by its flow when it


Plastics are the materials
which consists of a variety range of synthetic or semi-synthetic organic
compounds with a high molecular weight, it is a solid in its finished state or
it can be shaped by its flow when it is manufacturing or processing in to its
finished state. The production rate of plastic is getting increased day by day
in all parts of the world since past few decades. Due to the tremendous growth
in population, consumerism, industrialization and technological development there
has been a rapid increase in the rate of the production. In each and every day,
a large number of items that are either partly or completely made of plastic
are used and these plastics eventually end up in the landfills. To break down
the plastic which is present in the places where garbage and trash are dumped, it
may take time either from a few days to several years depending on the quality
of the plastic, but it will never breaks down completely into particles that
can be used in nature.

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Figure 1. Disposal of Plastic

On the other hand nation’s progress is directly dependent on
infrastructure, especially in the field of transportation. The amount of road
traffic is raising day by day and the demands a similar small step forward in
the increment of the load bearing capacities of the roads and its life span. It
has been proven that the performance of the asphalt mixes used in the surfacing
course of the road pavements can be improved with the help of different types
of modifiers or additives to the asphalt such as crumb rubber, polymers, rubber
latex, etc. For the specific project modifier, it can be chosen depending on
many factors which includes expected performance, cost, availability,
construction and ability. Modification is accomplished by two main procedures;
Dry Process which involves direct incorporation of plastic waste, which is then
blended with aggregate before adding it in bitumen to prepare a plastic
modified bituminous concrete mix. The second procedure is the wet process which
involves simultaneous mixing of bitumen and plastic waste. The main use of the
polymer modified bitumen is to achieve a better asphalt pavement performance
for a long time. This plastic modified bitumen show better properties for the
construction of road and plastic waste can be used in this process and it may
slightly reduce the pollution. There is not much pollution in the United States
because here we have recycling plants for waste plastic which can be recycled,
and it doesn’t affect the environment too. Polymer modified bitumen is one of
the newly trending construction materials for flexible pavements. This idea of
using waste plastic in the construction of the roads is gaining importance
because of several reasons. One of them is the plastic

Modified bitumen has shown some
better propertied than normal asphalt for road construction. We have also got proven
from various studies that were carried out the quality of bitumen used asphalt road
construction. The main use of polymer modified bitumen to accomplish a better
asphalt pavement performance which hasn’t been observed for a long time.